Final Program - Planner, App, Book

Use the Online Planner on Laptop

iPad_large_optThe Online Planner is ideal laptop (desktop) tool for searching and reading conference abstracts for oral and poster presentations scheduled for San Diego.

Login to the planner window to start building your conference schedule now. Schedule saved in planner will sync to your mobile device (if you login). If you need help navigating the online planner, please check the "Tips" tab for general parameters.

Note: there was a sign-in issue from April 17-20. If you logged into the online planner over these days, please logout, clear browser cache, and login again. If you do not see your name appear in the upper left corner of Online Planner window when you login to the planner, please contact the ASMS Office.

Final Program Book

66thASMSCover_optFinal Program Book as JASMS Supplement (PDF, 7mb) The program book is printed as a JASMS supplement. The JASMS program supplement will not be mailed, but distributed in San Diego to conference attendees.

ASMS Privacy Consent

Lock with text_100px Read our updated privacy statement and submit your consent now to continue to receive important details about the 2018 Conference in San Diego.



Mobile App is available in the App Store and GooglePlay Search ASMS 2018

Mobile App

Once you install the app (iOS or Android) there will be several updates (these are program additions/edits). You are encouraged to allow notifications from the app to insure that you have the most up-to-date conference contact. Location services are not needed for the app (fine to not allow).


iOS Users
App will show up in app store search sometime starting April 16. Search ASMS 2018.

Helpful tips for iOS installation:
- Do not allow location services access. It is not necessary/used.
- DO allow notifications to push (these are program data updates and edits)

Android Users
App will show up in Play store searches sometime starting on April 16. Search ASMS 2018 in Google Play store.

Helpful tips for Android (after you have installed): - Go to ASMS 2018 app settings to make sure you are set to receive notifications (these are program updates and edits) - Go to device location services access settings and disable (turn off). Location services are not needed for the app.

Web Version of App
Perfect for Blackberry or Windows Phone users. Simply open your device's browser and go to

Users of the web app may login to access advanced features just like the iOS and Android native apps.