About Mass Spectrometry

About Mass Spec

ASMS is pleased to provide information for those interested in learning more about Mass Spectrometry. We would like to expand the resources available on this page. If you have suggestions for content, please contact ASMS Member-at-Large for Education Erin Baker at ebaker (at) ncsu.edu.

To learn about the history of mass spectrometry our About ASMS and MS History page. Here you will find our collection of history posters (available for download), oral histories, and history videos.


The Basics of Mass Spectrometry Series

Ionization Methods
David C. Muddiman (North Carolina State University)

Nested Ion Mobility-TOF Mass Spectrometry
David E. Clemmer (Indiana University)

Tandem Mass Spectrometry, or MS/MS
Presented by Scott A. McLuckey (Purdue University)

Imaging Mass Spectrometry: An Overview
Presented by Michelle L. Reyzer (Vanderbilt University) and Demian R. Ifa (York University)

Mass Analyzers
Presented by Richard Vachet (University of Massachusetts Amherst)


History of Mass Spectrometry

More videos available on the About ASMS and MS History page.

Other Resources 

Download these resources for yourself or to share with others.

NIH Grant Process and Tips for Applicants

Mass Spectrometry Basics for Young Students: An Interactive Laboratory Tour (PDF). A valuable resource for educators. Lead author Ron M.A. Heeren, FOM-Institute AMOLF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

An Education and Outreach article describing this resource, entitled “A MASSive Laboratory Tour. An Interactive Mass Spectrometry Outreach Activity for Children”, was published by Jungmann, et al. in J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. (2013) 24:979-982. DOI: 10.1007/s13361-013-0663-4