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Analytical Laboratory Managers

Coordinators: Emily Chen (Columbia University) and David Quilici (University of Nevada, Reno)
Workshop Reports: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

Bioinformatics for MS

Coordinators: Samuel Payne (PNNL) and Isabell Bludau (IMSB Zurich)
Workshop Reports: 20172016201420132012


Coordinators: Charles Cheng (Amgen) and Andrew W. Dawdy (Pfizer)
Workshop Reports: 20172016, 2015201420132012

Clinical Chemistry

Coordinator: Tim Garrett (University of Florida)
Workshop Reports: 201720152013

Data Independent Acquisition

Coordinators: Ben Collins (ETH Zurich) and Hannes Röst (University of Toronto)
Workshop Reports: 201720162013

Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK)

Coordinators: Mark Cancilla (Merck) and Jonathan Josephs (Thermo Fisher)
Workshop Reports: 201720162015201420132012

Energy, Petroleum and Biofuels

Coordinators: Marianny Y. Combariza (University of Santander) and David Stranz (Sierra Analytics)
Workshop Reports: 2017201620152014

Environmental Applications

Coordinators: Achille Cappiello (University of Urbino), Imma Ferrer (University of Colorado), Andrew Ottens (VCU Health), Robert Tengrove (Murdoch University)
Workshop Reports: 201720162015201420132012
For more from this group (presentation slides, etc.) click here.


Coordinators: H. M. "Skip" Kingston (Duquesne University) and Anthony Macherone (Agilent Technologies & John Hopkins School of Medicine)
Workshop Reports: 2017, 20162015
For more from this group (presentation slides, etc.) click here.

Flavor, Fragrance and Foodstuff

Coordinators: Melanie Downs (University of Nebraska, Lincoln) and Sara Kern (FDA) 
Workshop Reports: 201720162015201420132012
For more from this group (presentation slides, etc.) click here.

Forensics and Homeland Security

Coordinators: Chris Mulligan (Illinois State University) and Kenyon Evans-Nguyen (University of Tampa)
Workshop Reports: 20172014


Coordinators: Melinda McFarland (FDA-CFSAN) and Matthew B. Renfrow (University of Alabama-Birmingham)
Workshop Reports: 20172016201520132012


Coordinators: Christian Bleiholder (Florida State University) and Victor Ryzhov (Northern Illinois University)
Workshop Reports: 2017, 20162015201420132012

HD Exchange, Covalent Labeling and Cross Linking

Coordinators: Lan Huang (University of California) and Kasper D. Rand (University of Copenhagen)
Workshop Reports: 201720162015201420132012

Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Coordinators: Reid X. Groseclose (GSK) and Martina Marchetti-Deschmann (Vienna University of Technology)
Workshop Reports: 2017, 20162015201420132012

Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

Coordinators: Brian Clowers (Washington State University) and Valerie Gabelica (University of Bordeaux)
Workshop Reports: 201720162015201420132012
For more from this group (presentation slides, etc.) click here.

Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry

Coordinators: Wei Xu (Beijing Institute of Technology) and Glen Jackson (West Virginia University)
Workshop Reports: 2017201620152014

LCMS and Related Topics

Coordinators: Eric Soderblom (Duke University) and Will Thompson (Duke University)
Workshop Reports: 20172016201420132012

Lipids and Lipidomics

Coordinators: John A. Bowden (NIST) and Eva Duchoslav (SCIEX)
Workshop Reports: 20172016201520142013


Coordinators: John A. Bowden (NIST) and Gary J. Patti (Washington  University St Louis)
Workshop Reports: 2017, 2016201520142013

Metal Ion Coordination Chemistry

Coordinators: Eric Dodds (University of Nebraska) and Nicolas Polfer (University of Florida)
Workshop Reports: 2017, 2016201520132012

Oligonucleotides and Nucleic Acids

Coordinators: Samuel Wainhaus (Alnylam Pharmaceuticals) and Laixin Wang (NovaBioAssays, LLC.)
Workshop Reports: 20172016201520132012


Coordinators: Andrew W. Dawdy (Pfizer) and John Valliere-Douglass (Seattle Genetics)
Workshop Reports: 20172015201420132012

Photoionization MS

Coordinators: Sven Ehlert (University of Rostock) and Eleanor Riches (Waters)
Workshop Reports: 2017201620142013

Polymeric Materials

Coordinators: Stephen Rumbelow (Croda Inc) and Christina Mastromatteo (Lubrizol)
Workshop Reports: 201720162015201420132012

Regulated Bioanalysis

Coordinator: Fabio Garofolo (Angelini Pharma) and Jian Wang (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
Workshop Reports: 201720162015201420132012

Top Down Proteomics

Coordinators: Paul Martin Thomas (Northwestern University) and Nicolas Young (Baylor College of Medicine)

Undergraduate Research in MS

Coordinators:Christine Hughey (James Madison University) and James Pesavento (St. Mary's College of California)
Workshop Reports: 201720162015201420132012

Young Mass Spectrometrists

Coordinators: Veronica Anania (Genentech) and Doug Phanstiel (UNC Chapel Hill)
Workshop Reports: 201720162015201420132012