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65th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics

June 4 - 8, 2017
Short Courses June 3 - 4
Indianapolis, IN

All conference sessions and short courses will be at the Indiana Convention Center,100 S. Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225.


June 4
Upload for proceedings submission. Submitting authors upload pdf of poster or talk by June 4.
The conference program is coordinated by Richard A. Yost (VP Programs), University of Florida. The schedule begins on Sunday, June 4 with tutorial lectures at 5:00 pm and the opening session and plenary lecture at 6:45 pm followed by a Welcome Reception in the poster/exhibit hall. The program concludes on Thursday, June 8 with a plenary lecture followed by a Closing Event at the Indiana State Museum (ticket required).

Closing Plenary and the connection to the Closing Event at the Indiana State Museum

K Marhaver portrait_optKristen Marhaver (CARMABI Research Station) will speak about Saving the Great Coral Reefs on Thursday afternoon 4:45-5:30 pm. Dr. Marhaver's lecture is the perfect tie-in with the Closing Event at the Indiana State Museum where there will be three showings of The Last Reef 3D. The museum just happens to have an IMAX theater!

Tickets for the closing event are $30 (not included with registration). Advance purchase before June 4 is required. Go to online registration to purchase your ticket. You may add-on if you have already registered for the conference by selecting 'Not registering for conference' on the first screen.The Last Reef

Called "the perfect voice for a new, more tenacious era of conservation," Dr. Kristen Marhaver is a marine biologist who studies the reproduction of threatened Caribbean corals. Her work combines new and old technologies to help juvenile coral survive their earliest life stages. Marhaver was the first person to successfully rear juveniles of the endangered Caribbean Pillar Coral. She’s now developing probiotic bacteria to increase coral survival in reef restoration programs.

Conference Regulations (Policies)

Please review these policies which are intended to assure the comfort and privacy of all conference participants. 

Name badge is required for all conference sessions, including the Poster/Exhibit Hall (Career Center), and off site events (hospitality suites).

No smoking is permitted in the convention center.

All devices must be silenced and screens darkened in oral sessions.

No photography or recording is allowed in oral sessions or in the poster/exhibit Hall.

Parents. Planned conference sessions and hospitality suites may not be appropriate for children. Please respect the interests of your colleagues by allowing them to attend activities without disruption and without concern for the safety of children. Strollers, child backpack carriers or similar devices for child transport are prohibited in the Poster/Exhibit Hall and hospitality suites.

Material presented or displayed at the ASMS Conference, including but not limited to orals, posters, workshops, exhibit booths and hospitality suites, isthe intellectual property of the presenter and may not be recorded, photographed, quoted, disseminated or transmitted by summary in any form without express written authority of the author.

The placement of advertising in the meeting area is prohibited. There are poster boards and tables in the Poster/Exhibit Hall for approved announcements.

Hardware, accessories or any items for sale may be displayed only in corporate exhibit booths and hospitality suites.

Designated publisher tables in the conference registration area are for the display of books and journals and must be reserved in advance.

There are tables in the registration area for authors who wish to display their books. Authors may use a table to promote their books, sign copies, and speak with members. Table space must be reserved at conference registration.

No organized activities (even off-site) other than those approved by ASMS are allowed during the conference week (5:00 pm on Sunday through 6:00 pm on Thursday).

Corporate hospitality suites may be used during the daytime hours of 8:00 am – 8:00 pm for one-on-one and small group meetings (no more than 25 persons per organization) by appointment only (no walk-ins). No music, programs, seminars, or refreshments may be included in these private, business meetings.

Corporate or institutional logos on slides or posters may appear only one time in the presentation.