Abstract Submission


A limited number of posters and hot topic talks will be selected from submitted abstracts for presentation at the meeting. If you have a new development or research relevant to the meeting topic that you wish to present, please submit an abstract by the September 9 extended deadline.The ACMS Committee and the conference organizers reserve the right to reject any poster which is judged to be inappropriate or which promotes a commercial or personal interest perspective.

Online abstract submission will open June 4, 2017. The deadline is August 29, 2017.

Please note that abstracts are not required for invited talks and abstracts are not published (for invited talks, hot topic talks, or posters). Submitted abstracts are used only for evaluation and selection of relevant posters and hot topic talks. The spirit of the ASMS Asilomar Conference is to encourage discussion about the latest (unpublished) research in a topic area.

Applying for a Travel Stipend for Students or Post-docs? If you are applying for a student or post-doc travel stipend, you will submit your abstract by the August 1 deadline. You will need to save your submission confirmation email as a document (PDF preferred).