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Many ASMS members are involved in local area mass spectrometry discussion groups.  As a resource for members and the broader mass spectrometry community ASMS maintains a listing of active discussion groups (see bottom of this page.) If you have a listing to share, please email details to info [at] asms [dot] org.

ASMS Local Area Discussion Group Speaker Program

  1. To support vibrant seminar programs at local MS discussion groups
  2. To increase exposure of students at non-PhD granting institutions to research in mass spectrometry
  3. To promote exposure and professional development of young MS professionals at the onset of an independent research career.

Eligible Speakers
Any ASMS member Assistant Professor (at time of invitation).  No more than two sponsored trips per calendar year per speaker.

Eligible Hosts
Any North American MS discussion group. Any North American non-PhD. granting college or university.  No single host should propose more than two ASMS-sponsored events in a calendar year. 

Eligible Expenses
Travel, meals, lodging and expenses up to $1500.00 per event, until the annual budget for the program is exhausted.

Application Process
Host completes the ASMS Speaker Program Form which requires a brief proposal that includes the name of the speaker, the hosting group, the approximate date of the event, and the estimated number of attendees.  The ASMS office will confirm that eligibility requirements are met and that sufficient funds are available prior to approving the proposal.  The speaker can send receipts directly to the ASMS office for reimbursement of eligible expenses, or the host can serve as intermediary.   

Local Area Mass Spectrometry Discussion Groups

To add your Mass Spec Discussion Group to this list, please email

Bay Area Mass Spectrometry (BAMS)

Chicago Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group

Colorado Biological Mass Spectrometry Society (CBMSS)

Connecticut Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group 

Delaware Valley Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group

Greater Boston Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group

Los Angeles Metropolitan Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group

Midwest Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group

MinnMass Discussion Group

North Jersey Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group

Pacific Northwest Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group

Pittsburgh Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group

Triangle Area MS Discussion (TAMS)

Washington-Baltimore Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group