ASMS members have access to the International Journal of Mass Spectrometry via Elsevier's ScienceDirect portal. Members do need to set-up a ScienceDirect user profile. See instructions below.

Use these links to access content once you have a ScienceDirect profile.

How to create a ScienceDirect registered user account?  

1.  Login to the ASMS website and click 'My Profile' (located in the upper right corner, under your name)

2.  In your profile area you will find your ID Number, make a note of it. This ID Number is both your member ID for ASMS and your "Journal ID" for ScienceDirect profile creation.

3.  Next  go to ScienceDirect Activation Page and follow instructions to create your registered user account. You will be prompted to enter the ID number you have gleaned from your ASMS website profile during the activation process.