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Hotel Reservations in San Diego

Go to ASMS Online Housing Bureau

ASMS housing is managed by Orchid Events. You or your organization will never be contacted by ASMS or Orchid to "sell" you a hotel guest room. If you receive such a phone call, this is very likely a scam. There has been a proliferation of pirate housing companies cold-calling individuals (primarily at companies that exhibit at conferences) trying to sell hotel rooms. Please see more information on pirate housing companies and other scams at the bottom of this page.

To reserve your room within the ASMS room block, we recommend you reserve online directly via the ASMS housing bureau. If you need special arrangements or assistance, you will be able to obtain a printable form from Orchid and/or contact Orchid directly for assistance. On January 3 we will post to this website the special link to ASMS online housing bureau as well as contact information for Orchid.

The ASMS hotel room block generally sells out before the April 30 deadline or becomes very limited. You are encouraged to make your hotel reservation early!

Travel to/from San Diego

By air: San Diego International Airport (SAN) is served by most major airlines and discount airlines like Southwest. The airport is just 3 miles from downtown San Diego (location of most hotels and the convention center. There are several airport transportation options.

  • Ride Share services like Uber and Lyft are permitted to pick up at SAN but there is a ~$4 surcharge. Ride share companies do not have surcharge for drop-off.
  • Shuttle Van companies offer transportation to hotels in the downtown area. Rates vary. Cloud 9 / Super Shuttle; EZ Ride Shuttle; and Sea Breeze Shuttle.
  • Taxis are also available. Fare range is $18-25 one way.


    Hotels and Rates for the ASMS Room Block

    Go to ASMS Online Housing Bureau to reserve your room for the 66th ASMS Conference in San Diego.

    • Hard Rock Hotel, $205
    • Hilton Bayfront, $257 (location of hospitality suites)
    • Hilton Gaslamp, $229
    • Hotel Palomar, $189
    • Hotel Solamar, $189
    • Manchester Grand Hyatt, $259
    • Marriott Gaslamp, $219
    • Residence Inn Bayfront, $215
    • Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, $189
    • Spring Hill Suites Bayfront, $205
    • Westgate Hotel, $199
    • Westin Gaslamp Quarter, $205
    • Wyndham San Diego Bayside, $199

    Beware Fraudulent Housing Company Alert

    • Beware of "housing pirates" that may contact you by phone or email. These are scams. ASMS and its housing bureau, managed by Orchid Events, does NOT solicit by phone or email for hotel reservations.
    • We are already aware that a company is calling ASMS exhibitors (corporate members) and luring them to call an 800 phone number by claiming that they have important information about the ASMS conference in San Diego.
    • Remember, ASMS does not solicit attendees for housing reservations. Please do not be baited by anyone who does.
    • PROTECT YOURSELF and use  the official ASMS-sanctioned Housing Bureau, which you can access only through this website.
    • ASMS is not responsible for and cannot guarantee any reservations made through any third party housing provider. We look forward to seeing you in San Diego!