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Peptidomics: Bridging the Gap between Proteomics and Metabolomics by Mass Spectrometry

January 19 - 22, 2017

Hilton Clearwater Beach, Florida


Per Andrén, Uppsala University, Sweden
Lingjun Li, University of Wisconsin
Jonathan Sweedler, University of Illinois

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Conference Description

Peptidomics is the characterization and study of the dynamic peptide complement of a sample and includes the areas of peptide-based biomarker discovery, serum and biological fluid peptide measurements, and neuropeptide / brain peptide characterization.  As one critical example, neuropeptides modulate the functioning of every neuron in the brain, affect our mood, and are the targets for drugs of abuse, but surprisingly, many cell-cell signaling peptides used in our brain have yet to be characterized.  Peptidomics, or the study of the peptide complement used in a tissue or organ, is of growing importance, and the rate of peptide discovery is accelerating, with many novel peptides being reported each year. This acceleration is due to striking technological advances in mass spectrometry that enable the peptidome to be characterized from ever smaller samples with ever increasing chemical detail. The 2017 Sanibel Conference will highlight both the latest technology development and emerging applications in peptidomics, including wide ranging topics from novel sampling strategies, chemical characterization and large-scale peptidome discovery, computational tools, to therapeutic approaches, spatial mapping, in vivo analysis and functional study of these intriguing signaling molecules.

A small number of submitted abstracts will be promoted to oral presentations. ASMS encourages students and postdoctoral fellows to attend through the assistance of numerous student travel awards.

The Sanibel Committee and the conference organizers reserve the right to reject any poster that is judged to be inappropriate to the conference topic or which promotes a commercial or personal interest perspective.


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