All Posters: Pre-Conference Uploads

Updated October 24, 2021

All Posters (Remote and In-Person) are required to upload pre-conference materials for their poster.

What is required?

Remote posters must upload PDF of their poster. 10mb size limit.
In-Person posters must upload PDF of their poster or a long/extended abstract. 5mb size limit.

Short poster presentation video, 2-3 minutes in length, is optional but strongly encouraged. MP4 format only. 50mb size limit. Note that in the special portal you will see all uploads as 'required'. The system does not allow for one item to be required and the other not required. In order to send a reminder we needed to select required for the system. There is no penalty for NOT uploading a poster video MP4. Thank you

How and where do I upload these required poster materials?

All poster presenters will receive an email from on October 8 and again on Oct 25 (between 12-1pm Eastern). This special email contains a link for presenters to upload materials. The link will only function if the presenter is registered for the conference. There is one hour delay from time of registration to access granting for the Online Planner.

Before you click the link PLEASE have the Online Planner open in Chrome browser and be logged-in. NEXT, click the link in email from alerts@ativsoftware to open a second tab in Chrome browser. This technique will allow you to go to the special upload portal. 

SAVE the email you receive from It will be sent to you only on October 8 and 25. 

What is the upload deadline?

Upload deadline is October 27. Any presenters missing uploads will receive a reminder on October 25 from

What if I need to replace my uploaded files?

Use the same link provided in your October 8 email from to remove and replace your files, if needed.

What if I never receive the email from or I cannot find it?

You may contact to request re-send of your email. 

How do I record my poster's short video?

There are a few options but the most ubiquitous is probably Zoom. Start a meeting and record! PowerPoint also has the option to record a voice narration on top of slides. Whichever method you use, MP4 format is required and file size limit is 50mb. Videos should not exceed 3 minutes in length.

How do I format my Poster PDF?

There is no specified sizing for your poster PDF upload. We encourage you to consider that most attendees will be viewing your poster PDF on a laptop screen. Multiple pages are fine, but we encourage a single page format if feasible for you. File size limit is 10mb.