Pro Tips: Remote

Created October 26, 2021

There is a one-hour delay from moment of conference registration to access the online planner and mobile app.

Join Webinars for Oral Sessions, Plenaries and Evening Workshops in Real-Time

In the Online Planner and Mobile App a 'Join Webinar' button will appear in each oral session, plenary, and workshop listing. This will be similar to last year's Reboot. Different this year, the Join Webinar link will open in your Zoom app (if you have it) or you can access via web.

To submit questions in real-time during oral sessions or workshops, please see How to Submit Questions - Contact Speaker page.

Watch Recordings of Oral Sessions and Plenaries

Oral sessions and plenaries will have recordings posted shortly after they conclude. This will be a 'Watch Recording' button located in the oral session or plenary session listing in the online planner or app.

If You are Using the Mobile App - Accept Data Updates!

The mobile app requires you to 'tap to accept data updates'. This message will appear in gray bar at top of home screen of the mobile app. These happen daily, be on the lookout. For screenshot of what this looks like, please check the Final Program - App & Planner page.

Browse ALL Posters

You have access to all posters in the mobile app and planner. Connect with presenters by using the 'Contact speaker for this presentation' link located within each listing. More info on the How to Submit Questions - Contact Presenters page.

You are annoyed to receive Safe Meetings emails even though you will be Remote

We made the choice to create safe meetings profile for any person that did not answer questionnaire. And, if you changed your questionnaire from in-person to remote in the last few weeks your safe meetings profile might have already been created.

We ask your patience in receiving messages that do not apply to you. We cannot easily remove/delete safe meetings profiles once they are created. Please just ignore the messages.

Even though we won't see you in-person we hope you feel the LOVE