Attendee Receipts & Proof of Participation

Attendees can easily access copy of their payment receipt for registration and proof of presentation for ASMS 2021 using the following resources.

Payment Invoices (Receipts)

  • Sign-in to this website, click My Accounts. This will open Your Summary page in a new tab.
  • In the center of Your Summary page you will see list of Payment Receipts. Select the 'eye' icon for payment you need receipt/invoice for and then select to send email to address in your profile or enter custom email address. You will receive a Payment Invoice (receipt) from sender
  • Note this invoice (receipt) includes the ASMS Federal Tax ID and address in signature block.
  • Now print the the email you receive as PDF.
  • If you need a specific address for your institution or your instituation's VAT included, please 'Edit Your Profile' before taking the above steps (or repeat above steps). If needed you can enter your institute's VAT in Address Line 2. Then, after you receive invoice (receipt) with address info needed you can 'Edit Your Profile' again to change back to your preferred mailing address.

Proof of Physical Attendance

  • For proof of your physical participation, take a photo of your conference namebadge. You can use this in connection with your travel receipts to provide proof to your university or institute.

Proof of Your Presentation or Conference Program

  • For proof of your presentation (oral or poster) at ASMS 2021, go to the Online Planner or Mobile App, navigate to your presentation and take a screenshot.

If you are looking for proof of presentation from a prior year. You may use the Mobile App for 2020 or 2019 (earlier than 2019 you must use proceedings.) You may also consult the Proceedings from a past year by taking the following steps:

  • Again, you will need to be logged in to this website, navigate to Publications > Abstracts & Proceedings, select the year from list and navigate to your oral or poster presentation. Take a screenshot of your presentation in the Proceedings. 

Conference Program

  • For ASMS 2021 and ASMS 2020 there were no detailed conference program PDFs. For ASMS 2021 a program overview (program guide) was prepared. You can find this program, on the Past Conferences page